Smiles from Switzerland
Your smile deserves the best treatment

The nivellipso aligner system offers maximum effectiveness and wear comfort without compromising on the aesthetic aspects. Why? For you to get a more attractive smile. The three main features that distinguish nivellipso from other aligner systems are:

More effective

Thanks to the exceptional design that, in addition to the teeth and interdental spaces, partly takes into account the gingiva, nivellipso aligners are extremely effective and display a high level of precision – for objective and efficient results.

Greater comfort

To improve wear comfort, we use a 3-splint system with different material thicknesses to ensure consistent transfer of pressure during every treatment stage. This is truly an exceptional innovation aimed at maximising wear comfort for the patient.

Uncompromising transparency

nivellipso aligners are made of high-grade biocompatible polymers that retain maximum transparency during processing – a discreet and aesthetic solution. According to patients, nivellipso aligners are clearly less visible than comparable treatment methods.

All advantages at a glance:

  • inconspicuous and discreet
  • gentle
  • effective and comfortable
  • flexible and removable
  • easy to clean
  • treatment progress according to plan
  • 3D-computer-aided treatment planning process