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The following cases of malocclusion can be treated

Precise planning and tailored to meet the individual requirements of every patient make – nivellipso aligners are ideal for treating virtually all types of malocclusion. Irrespective of whether you are a teenager or an adult, or whether it is an easy or complex case – together with your doctor, we develop the right solution.

The following conditions can be treated with nivellipso:


If the jaw does not provide enough space, the teeth literally fall out of line. In general, this type of misalignment can be treated with nivellipso aligners.


Excessive space in the upper or lower jaw leads to gaps that affect the patient's appearance and complicate dental care and hygiene. Treatment with nivellipso is the solution.


In cases of crossbite, the anterior teeth of both jaws meet along their incisal edges. This can lead to severe attrition. The nivellipso aligner system is ideal for treating such cases.
*Shown here: Crossbite / Edge-to-edge bite


If the upper and lower jaws are misaligned, the result is a crooked bite (which experts call "malocclusion") that can be detrimental to your health. But be assured: our experts can develop the right treatment plan.
*Shown here: Openbite / Crossbite


An excessive degree of overlap of the teeth in the upper jaw over the teeth in the lower jaw is referred to as overbite and is a condition that is not particularly pleasant to look at. To correct this condition is a tough task, but, with proper planning catered to the requirements of each individual case, nivellipso is up to it.


Improper alignment of teeth can adversely affect food intake and speech. This is indeed a severe case of malocclusion that requires our attention and for which we would be pleased to develop a customised treatment plan.




Specific cases

Complex cases of malocclusion may require combining treatment with nivellipso with other orthodontic treatment methods. In general, that's not a cause for concern for our experts who are capable of developing effective and aesthetic solutions.