Invest in yourself
How much would the nivellipso treatment cost?

Nothing is for free. Nor is the treatment with nivellipso. But the investment is worth it. You can be sure of that. After all, you are priceless and are surely entitled to treat yourself to a new, more attractive smile. It will boost your confidence and can brighten your prospects – both at work and in your personal life.

There is no simple answer to the big question about costs. As with all dental and orthodontic treatment methods, the costs depend on each individual case. Depending on the scope and extent of the required corrective measures and duration of treatment, the costs may vary.

In general, we can say that treatment with nivellipso is not more expensive than other, less aesthetic orthodontic treatment methods. Another important question that arises is whether your health insurance provider will cover the cost of treatment. That again depends on the type of insurance and cover stated in your policy.

Specific information on the cost of treatment can only be provided on the basis of an individual diagnosis. It is therefore best to get in touch with and consult a nivellipso practitioner in your vicinity.