Keep it simple
Treatment with nivellipso is so simple

Straightening teeth does not have to be complicated! Treatment with nivellipso is remarkably simple and is offered by numerous orthodontists and dentists across Europe.

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Step 1:
Appointment with a nivellipso practitioner

To begin, your practitioner will take impressions whereupon high-precision models of the upper and lower jaw are created. This serves as the basis for the computer-aided planning process that is carried out by your practitioner together with our team of experts, taking into account, needless to say, your requirements and expectations.

Step 2:
Customised treatment proposal

We will subsequently hand in a treatment proposal which your practitioner will then discuss with you. The proposal includes detailed information on the cost, duration and course of treatment. You can now take your time to decide whether you wish to proceed with the treatment.

Step 3:
Commencement of treatment

Fabrication of your custom-made aligners will begin once the treatment proposal has been approved. After around two to three weeks, the finished aligners will then be sent to your practitioner. Use and care of nivellipso aligners is absolutely easy and your practitioner will explain this to you in detail at the start of your treatment.

Step 4:
Scheduled course of treatment

Every set consists of three aligners with different material thicknesses (soft, regular, intense) and each set is to be worn for a period of one week. To ensure optimum treatment progress, your practitioner will check and monitor your dental status at regular intervals.

Step 5:
Wearing time, cleaning and care

To ensure that the treatment is successful within the planned duration, it is important that you wear your nivellipso aligner around the clock. The aligners should only be removed for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. To clean the aligners, simply use a toothbrush and clean water.

Step 6:
Retain the results (retention)

We recommend so-called retention measures to ensure that you keep your newly acquired smile for a lifetime. Our retention splints that can be worn at night are especially suited for this purpose. Alternatively, fixed/bonded retainers can also be considered. Talk to your practitioner.